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Babbco: Providing Security During Your Move

Here at Babbco Office Services Limited, we know how important it is to our clients that their move not only be quick and efficient, but also secure. We offer several services to help you feel safe putting your business in our hands before, during and after your office move. You can be confident that Babbco staff members assigned to your company’s move are well trained and consistent. For clients that require extra security, we also employ the services of the city police and private company guards.

To best serve you, Babbco Office Services has protocols and procedures in place for all processes in our company so we’re ready for any external issues that could arise. Everyone in our company has a contribution to make and we provide specific training for everyone at our firm who will come in contact with our customers. Whether through their customer care abilities, problem-solving skills or product and technical knowledge, each member of Babbco adds their own excellence to our team, helping our company stand out from our competition.

Our Security and Move Supervision Services

  • Keys for office furniture cut by code or from a sample; we provide delivery services, and test keys can be sent via client courier

  • Move co-ordination/supervisor services as required

  • Provide dedicated staff (i.e. staff that is assigned on a regular basis to clients so that they are familiar with the buildings and protocols, and staff who will pack then move and then unpack files on a move to ensure security and client satisfaction)

  • Pay Duty Services (O.P.P. City of Toronto (and other) police services, Independent Security Company Pay Duty Services

  • Provide paid duty officer(s) for relocation projects: Province of Ontario OGPS officers, City of Toronto police officers, as well as private company guards

  • Sensitive moving services

  • Storage: warehouse and trailer including providing inventory and inventory reports

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