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Movers with office furniture

Learn About What We Do at Babbco Office Services

Babbco specializes in commercial and corporate moves, whether you’re moving within your current property or moving to another building. We provide our clients with a wide variety of packing and moving supplies and equipment, including dollies, steam cleaning machines, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and more. We have several options available to make sure your move is secure and timely. In addition to moving your records, equipment and furnishings, we also offer installation and do repairs and refurbishing projects; depending on the size and scope of the project, we also have several reliable corporate subcontracting partners to provide added help and meet your needs.


Meet Our Team

Babbco has standard policies and procedures currently used to provide our services in a systematic way that can be understood and maintained by our staff. Our experienced and knowledgeable customer service staff is cross-trained to identify the nature of a request or issue – where possible, they will deal directly with the client regarding the matter. Our customer service staff can be contacted by email, fax or telephone.



Olivia Downer and Ken Downer

  • Authorized to resolve all staffing and service challenges and financial matters

  • Assist with scheduling, dispatches and customer service requests

  • Provide quotations


Service Manager

Sammy Pakdil & Paul Dennis

  • Manager on job sites

  • All road crew staff report to him

  • JHSC and health and safety co-coordinator

  • Authorized to resolve all staffing and service challenges



Carolyn Boyce

  • General, office and dispatch manager

  • Customer service and road crew staff report to her

  • Company security officer

  • Health and safety co-coordinator

  • Authorized to resolve all staffing and service challenges



Delecta Martyn (Bookkeeper)

  • Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounting and finance matters

  • Authorized to resolve all financial matters

  • Insurance enquiries

  • Payroll

  • WSIB enquiries

  • Reports to the owners


Customer Service Staff

Brenda Kramarits, Lisa Whitney and Sheila Cuevas

  • Can take requests for service and assign our order number for tracking

  • Can take requests for quotations and warranty enquiries, invoicing and aged receivable enquiries

  • Can take credit card (P-card) payments

  • Confirm scheduled requests with clients by phone or fax or email

  • Contact road crews to update with client information

  • Follow up with clients on orders and invoices created by that customer service rep.

  • Provide updates to clients of road crews’ timelines

  • Provide written quotations and invoices

  • Update clients on rental box tracking, aged receivables and warehouse/trailer storage

  • Provide written inventories and surplus documents for government surplus

  • Report to our office manager

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