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Moving file cabinets

Babbco Protects Your Property During Your Move

When possible, Babbco Office Services Limited requests all claims are to be sent in writing to our offices within 3 business days. For those that will be through our insurance provider, we will notify you accordingly and they will be in contact with the client with their claims process.

For those claims being dealt by Babbco Office Services directly, we will (where possible) endeavor to make whole to client satisfaction within a timely manner.

Damages Policy

  • We request written notice within 3 business days for any damages

  • For items requiring replacement we request proof of purchase or value, depreciation will be based at insurance evaluations

  • For items requiring repair, we will (where possible) make whole to client satisfaction i.e.; glass of a picture will be replaced, scratches to a wood surface will be touched up

Warranty Policy

  • One-year warranty on any parts supplied and installed by Babbco Office Services Ltd.

  • 30-day warranty on any repairs/installations completed by Babbco Office Services Ltd.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about these policies.

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