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Let Babbco Handle Your Corporation's Move

Babbco Office Services regularly handles multiple move requests of all sizes for a variety of corporate business as well as Government offices and agencies in the GTA, and to locations within Ontario on an “as needed, as requested” basis. We are committed to providing properly supervised, customer-responsive, quality services, including:

  • Office furniture move services and management

  • Relocations to new buildings or floors

  • Installation/reconfiguration

  • Repair and refurbishing at reasonable costs

The team at Babbco provides these services to our corporate and government clients:

  • On an as needed basis

  • On a regular day-to-day basis

  • Thru contracts directly with corporate clients, governments and institutions

  • By the request of the buildings’ property management offices and facility management offices

  • At the request of Facility Planning Coordinators of Infrastructure Ontario

  • Integrated into construction projects thru construction and project management companies

  • By means of Project Management Offices on behalf of Infrastructure Ontario

  • At the request of Facility Planning Coordinators on behalf of Infrastructure Ontario

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